Why Hire Dr. Martin-Ogburn

    Discover 5 Reasons Why Event Planners Hire “Dr. Martin-Ogburn”:

  • Her presentations are customized. Client after client appreciates the way the material is customized specifically to their industry, situation, corporate goals, or audience.

  • She can rivet an audience. She keeps audiences captivated and engaged by using memorable stories, dramatic examples, and visual illustrations.

  • You can use her in a variety of situations: Keynote Presentations, Seminars with interactivity, Discussion Facilitator, Panel Participant, and Performance Consultant. Dr. Martin-Ogburn fits
    all these roles comfortably and ably.

  • She will "bring the "how to's" on the Topic of Career Planning, Goal Setting and Inspiration to
    your association/group members or corporate decision-makers and employees.

  • She is always conditioning herself for success. She is constantly working to enhance her
    platform presence and content so that she can add increasing value to
    her audience's experience.

  • Contact Dr. Martin-Ogburn at dogburn@shatteringimages.org. or call (786) 571-6708.